June 12, 2014

Lookout Software announces release of Office Timesheets Mobile with release of Office Timesheets Version

DALLAS, Texas, USA (June 12, 2014) – Lookout Software LLC, a global leader in business productivity software application development, announced today that it will release Office Timesheets Version on June 10, 2014. This release contains two major new features: Task Appearance Options and Transaction Detail Reports.

The new Task Appearance options for Office Timesheets now presents users with two options when adding tasks: “Display for the current time reporting period only” or “Display on the timesheet permanently”. If the first option is chosen for a task, this task will only appear on the Timesheet view for the employee’s current timesheet reporting period. When moving to other timesheet periods, using the timesheet date controls, the task will not appear on the timesheet view (unless it was created for previous timesheet periods). If the second option is chosen, the task will remain on the employee’s timesheet permanently, or at least until it is deleted or filtered from the timesheet view.

Transaction Detail Reports is a new reporting tool in Office Timesheets that lets users pull task, time entry and expense entry transactions into an interactive grid. Once tasks, time entries or expense transactions are loaded into the grid, users can sort columns in ascending or descending order and/or group data by one or more selected columns.

A wide array of View Criteria options are available for filtering Transaction Detail Reports as well, including the ability to pick and choose which fields are shown in the grid’s columns, which order the fields are shown in columns within the grid, date range settings, element item and element group filters along with time entry and task status filters.

Other options include the ability to save Transaction Detail Reports as templates, the ability to rename column headers to the user’s preference, and the option to save the grid’s report data to spreadsheet file format.

"We developed the Office Timesheet Transaction Detail Reports tool due to the overwhelming desire of our clients to analyze their employee/project/task based costs in an endless number of ways. Our clients have a huge appetite for employee/project and task costing data analysis and the transaction detail report grid, with all its options, generates the all the data our clients need to analyze task, time and expense entries in practically any way possible. Plus, by giving our clients the data they want, in the order they want, in a spreadsheet format there’s no limitations to the type of reports and analysis they can generate from Office Timesheets" said Kevin Taggart, President for Lookout Software.

Office Timesheets is available as an On-Premise solution, for organizations that want to manage the solution in their own environment, and a SaaS version marketed as Office Timesheets On Demand. The current cost of the Office Timesheets On Demand service, after the 30-day trial period, is $9.95 per user per month, and requires no installation, and no contract or long term commitment.
To try Office Timesheets visit the Office Timesheets website at www.officetimesheets.com.
About Lookout Software

Lookout Software was established in 2003 and since that time has acquired a licensed user base of over 12,000 companies, and has over 100,000 end-users using its software products worldwide. Lookout Software also develops award-winning Microsoft Outlook add-ins, most notably, OfficeCalendar, an easy-to-use collaboration application that allows users to share Outlook calendar, contact, tasks and notes with colleagues without Microsoft Exchange Server. For more information on all Lookout Software products, please visit www.officetimesheets.com , www.officecalendar.com or www.lookoutsoftware.com.

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