April 13, 2016

Lookout Software announces release of major upgrade for Office Timesheets and partnership with Insperity

DALLAS, Texas, USA (April 13, 2016) – Lookout Software LLC, a global leader in business productivity software application development, announced today that it will release Office Timesheets Version 6.0 on April 13, 2016. This release contains more than twenty (20) new features and minor fixes.

With the release of Office Timesheets Version 6, Lookout Software has also partnered with Insperity and has built a full conversion utility for TimeSheet Professional users that wish to switch off their aging Windows timesheet application platform and move all their historical data to Office Timesheets’ modern web timesheet application platform.

Some of Version 6’s new features include:

  • Administration View - an Explorer-style interface that allows admins to view and edit employees and elements from a single screen.
  • Summary Reports Date Features – all new date tokens in summary report columns shows dates you have selected directly in the summary report column output.
  • Date Patterns in Import/Export Templates - date patterns have been added to Office Timesheets’ Import/Export templates for those users that perform regular import/export routines from templates.
  • Default Entry Status -Office Timesheets now let’s you choose which Time Entry statuses will be applied, by default, with each entry.
  • Address Level - the address level is a task element level to which addresses may be attached.
  • Time Entry Rate – apply a unique rate for individual time entries. Admins can even determine this rate default to any of Office Timesheets’ 16 employee rates.
  • Negative Entries – user can now create negative time entries.
  • Dependent Group Auto-fill (if only 1 item in Group) - now when you have dependencies set to “group”, and the group only contains one (1) item, the item will auto-fill when adding tasks.
  • Multiple Group Managers - if you want more than one manager to be able to approve timesheets you can now do so with Office Timesheets Version 6, which support multiple selections in the Manager settings for Employee Groups.
  • View Templates - Office Timesheets Version 6 lets users save unlimited criteria views as “View Templates”, and makes switching between template views both quick and easy.
  • Employee Notes Field - Office Timesheets Version 6 now includes a “Notes” field for storing notes for each employee.
  • Element Notes Field - Office Timesheets Version 6 now includes a “Notes” field for storing notes for each element item.
  • Full Name Field for Employee – a field has been added to the Employee definition dialog for storing and Employee’s Full Name.
  • Full Name Field for Elements – a field has been added to the Element Item definition dialog for storing and Element’s Full Name.
  • Gantt Bars on Timesheet View- Gantt bars are a new graphical representation of a task, linking the tasks start and end dates with a horizontal bar in the Time Sheet View.
  • Rollup View – the new Rollup View function for the timesheet view will allow any user with access to Office Timesheets’ View Criteria settings to roll-up or summarize entries on the timesheet view by any selected element level they choose.
Office Timesheets is available as an On-Premise solution, for organizations that want to manage the solution in their own environment, and a SaaS version marketed as Office Timesheets On Demand. The current cost of the Office Timesheets On Demand service, after the 30-day trial period, is $9.95 per user per month, and requires no installation, and no contract or long term commitment.

To try Office Timesheets visit the Office Timesheets website at www.officetimesheets.com.

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