May 4, 2004

Easy, effective, and affordable Microsoft® Outlook™ calendar sharing software alternative to Exchange Server now available with OfficeCalendar 1.0

Dallas, TX – Lookout Software, Ltd. has released OfficeCalendar 1.0, a low-cost and easy-to-use software program that allows Microsoft Outlook users to share calendars with co-workers without the need for Microsoft’s Exchange Server. You can also share Outlook contacts, and tasks with OfficeCalendar.

According to industry sources, since the release of Outlook 97, Outlook's installed user base has grown to more than 200 million users around the world. Much of this user base is comprised of small businesses that either do not have the monetary resources, hardware, and/or expertise to license, install, configure and maintain Microsoft Exchange Server.

Because Exchange Server is now the only solution offered by Microsoft to allow users to exchange and/or share Outlook calendars, contacts, and tasks, many small businesses are faced with the problem of not being able to share important business information with their co-workers, due to the relative cost and complexity of implementing Exchange Server, resulting in inefficient time management and, in some cases, loss of business.

“We rely heavily on Outlook to manage many facets of our business, and until now we haven’t been able to get the most of Outlook because we can’t see each other’s calendars and tasks given that we don’t have Exchange Server, says Charles Milsap with ServiceLedger, a small business owner with 4 employees and beta tester of OfficeCalendar. Without the ability to collaborate on appointments and tasks in an automated fashion, we’ve had to be very careful not to miss important follow-ups with customers, prospects and partners.”

OfficeCalendar can be installed on practically any Microsoft Windows® based network, even basic peer-to-peer networks, and is designed to be easy to install, use and manage by computer users with little-to-no technical expertise. Thus, OfficeCalendar provides an attractive alternative to Microsoft’s Exchange Server, which often requires a significant investment in additional hardware, software, and expertise costs.

OfficeCalendar 1.0 offers the following features and benefits:

  • Share Outlook Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks with office co-workers
  • View shared calendars, contacts, and task offline (when not connected to your office’s network and synchronize changes when reconnected- great for laptop users)
  • .NET architecture allows synchronization of shared Outlook calendar, contact, and task information over the Internet (requires dedicated IP address or DNS Service on OfficeCalendar Server computer – great for at-home workers and/or road warriors with an internet connection)
  • Outlook group calendar allows you to view all staff member’s appointments in one consolidated calendar
  • Simple, yet comprehensive security, allows the OfficeCalendar administrator to determine each Outlook users access rights (read, write/edit, and delete) to other user’s Outlook calendars, contacts and tasks
  • User’s can mark calendar, contact and task items “private” so they are not viewable even with people in which you share Outlook calendar, contact, and task information
  • Works on networks with or without a computer dedicated as a network server (operates on Windows-based peer-to-peer networks – reduces cost because there is no need to invest in additional network hardware)
  • Does NOT require Microsoft Exchange Server (Microsoft’s required solution for sharing outlook calendar, contact and task information)
  • Does NOT require Microsoft Server Operating Systems (required to use Exchange Server)

Each person wishing to share Outlook calendars, contacts, and/or tasks using OfficeCalendar must have a copy of Microsoft Outlook 2000, XP, or 2003. However, OfficeCalendar can work with a mixture of these Outlook versions. (OfficeCalendar does not work with Microsoft Outlook Express, a different product from Microsoft Outlook.)

OfficeCalendar 1.0 is available immediately. Introductory pricing starts at $79.95 (US) per user with quantity discounts available, and a free 14-day version is available at www.officecalendar.com.

About Lookout Software

OfficeCalendar, Lookout Software’s flagship product, is a computer software program that is an alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server. OfficeCalendar allows its' users to share Microsoft Outlook calendar, contact and task information with other Microsoft Outlook users on a computer network. OfficeCalendar makes Outlook calendar sharing and group scheduling with its' group calendar view easy and affordable because it does not require Microsoft's Exchange Server, which is considered too expensive and complicated for many small businesses.

Lookout Software was founded in the summer of 2003 with the goal of providing the small business community with choices. To us that means cost effective solutions and alternatives to applications that might otherwise be out of the budget ranges of small businesses. Keep your eyes open in the near future for other practical, effective, and affordable business software applications from Lookout Software.

For more information about Lookout Software and OfficeCalendar, visit the OfficeCalendar website at www.officecalendar.com.

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